Welcome to Whitmore Primary School and Nursery

Whitmore Primary is a large and expanding school in Basildon, we currently have 578 pupils on our school roll. Our large building with 6 new classrooms and excellent school grounds make it a wonderful place for everyone to grow and learn.

Our aim is to create:

  • a successful primary school that is at the heart of the community, meeting the needs of all children and their families.
  • a school that not only meets children’s academic needs but also their personal, social and emotional needs. We strongly believe this is the key to children’s future success and wellbeing.
  • a vision of our school as a happy, nurturing and safe environment that motivates, inspires and challenges everyone to become ambitious learners.
  • a school community (children, parents, staff, Governors) that will be provided with opportunities for everyone to develop their perseverance, resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem to enable them to take risks, learn from their experiences and have the skills to achieve their aspirations.
  • strong relationships between children, parents/carers, teachers, and Governors so that working together, we can ensure that the children enjoy their time at Whitmore Primary School and Nursery, make good progress and leave us as responsible, mature young people, ready to make a valued contribution to society and their communities.

As a school that is continually learning, we still strive to find different ways that will inspire, challenge and motivate our children as well as preparing them for the challenges they face in all aspects of life today, tomorrow and in the future. Creative teaching and exciting learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, motivate and engage children to achieve their best.

Good collaboration between staff within the school and across other schools is the key to success. Being part of the Berlesduna Academy Trust strengthens our opportunities to engage in collaboration and therefore improve the education and outcomes for all our children.

We are currently an OFSTED rated ‘Good’ school (April 2013) and are proud that the inspection recognised the hard work of pupils and staff, along with the high quality provision we provide.

Our expectations of the children, in terms of their achievement and behaviour, are very high. We hope that all members of the Whitmore school community continue to uphold the values of respect, tolerance, courtesy, and cooperation. Your ongoing support in reinforcing these high expectations is very much valued.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our school community.

Mrs Nina Kemp

Trust Information

The Berlesduna Multi Academy Trust’s vision is to create and foster a culture of high aspiration, enjoyment for learning, academic success and lifelong skills amongst all pupils, regardless of their social, economic or cultural background.

Our Aims and Values

Our aim is to become a strong local partnership of schools. Whilst we aim to build a strong and cohesive identity, we recognise that each school within the Trust has its own unique characteristics. Collaboration and joint working ensure that all schools in the Trust can share in, and benefit from, each other’s strengths.Our aim as a multi academy trust is to work together to:

  1. Make a positive difference in the lives of our pupils;
  2. Have an unflinching commitment to closing the gap between high and low performers within all our schools; and
  3. Transform the learning conditions of others so that growth, commitment, engagement, and constant spawning of leadership in others are being fostered.